WVA Code: buying brake pads online without margin of error

In the world of online shopping, finding the exact product that meets our needs can be an arduous affair; even more complex if what we wish to buy online is spare parts for industrial vehicles. This article will address making the correct choice of brake pads on Truck Service Parts.

The WVA Code

Every trustworthy brake pad is put on the market with a code engraved (stamped) on the pad itself: that is the WVA code, which uniquely identifies the type of pad. For example, if the WVA code 29202 is stamped on the pads you wish to replace, that means that you will simply need to buy new brake pads with the exact same code (29202). This means that the WVA allows you to buy the correct pads without margin of error. On Truck Service Parts you can find pads for your truck by inputting the WVA code in the dedicated field, always available at the top of every page. To reuse the prior example, all one needs to do is look up “29202” to find the needed pad.