Selling Conditions


The general use and sale conditions (“Conditions”) are applied to the services rendered and the sales performed by EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI through their own website (“Site” or “E-commerce”).
Both the natural individual defined as “consumer” by the Consumer Code and anyone who wishes to pursue goals related to their entreprenurial, commercial, artisanal or professional activity may register to the Site and gain the status of Registered User.
Services rendered and sales performed by EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI are permitted exclusively to the Registered User, who has the obligation to perform the following in addition to further procedures listed by the Conditions and by law:
– read the information regarding treatment of personal data and consent to it;
– read and accept the Conditions, even if they are subject to change;
– create and update an account on the Site.
The entity rendering services and performing sales according to the present Conditions is:
C.F. 00404500308
P.IVA IT00404500308
Via Este, 40/2 – Udine – 33100
Business registration REA UD N. 244195 – EXPORT UD 029943

The services rendered and the sales performed by EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI solely for natural individuals are subject to Consumer Code regulations contained in D.lgs. n. 206/2005 (in particular, those contained in Capo I, Titolo III, Parte III) and the regulations relative to information and electronic commerce social Services.
Viceversa other users are subject to regulations contained in the Civil Code (art. 1470 c.c. e ss.).

Sales made through the Site require consent to the Terms and Conditions by the User. In case the User does not intend to accept the Terms and Conditions and/or any other note, legal advice, publicized information or otherwise, the User may not use the E-Commerce or relative services.
Terms and Conditions only apply to services rendered and sales performed by EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI through the Site.
Terms and Conditions may be subject to change at any moment.
Applicable Terms and Conditions are those active on the date of a sale order or supply request for a Product.
Before making use of the E-commerce, the User is beholden to carefully read the Terms and Conditions and save or print them for future reference.
EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI reserves the right to alter by its own discretion and at any moment, even following the registration of the User, the graphical interface of the Site, its Contents and their organization, along with any other aspect that embodies functionality and management of the E-commerce, giving the User opportune instructions if needed.
Terms and Conditions do not apply to services rendered and sales performed by third parties, even if present on the Site, and expressly do not apply to the services rendered and sales performed by the Registered Workshops, of which knowing the terms of sale is up to the User. EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI is not responsible for services rendered and sales performed by these subjects.

To become recipients of services rendered and sales performed by EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI it is mandatory to register to the Site and create an account, consenting to the information regarding the treatment of personal data and the present Terms and Conditions, otherwise one cannot become a Registered User of EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI.
Registration to the Site is free of charge. To register, the user must fill in a registration form, inputting the data requested, among which is an e-mail address and a password (“Credentials”). Registration is confirmed by an e-mail sent by the Registered User to EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI.
Credentials are strictly personal and belong to a single Registered User; the Registered User is responsible of their correctness and their use, even improper, towards anyone and in any case. The Registered User can and must update the Credentials whenever necessary.
With the registration to the Site, the Registered User can choose to accept participation invites for sales and other commercial propositions by EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI in addition to other communications as newsletters, direct messages and/or general or specific communications. At any time the Registered User may request to not receive further participation invites to sales, newsletters, direct messages and/or general or specific communications, with the exception of those deemed essential by EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI for Site use and continuing of a working relationship with EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI. The Registered User may in any case make use of sales through direct access to the Site.
Services are rendered in Italian.
EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI reserves the right at its exclusive discretion to deny the registration of a User.
EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI reserves the right to not accept an order resulting anomalous in relation to the quantity of Product bought and the frequency of sales performed on the Site, along with improper or suspect use of Credentials.
For natural individuals attempting to register to the Site the legal age is required.

The Registered User may interrupt their use of E-commerce at any time and deactivate their own account, or request the deletion of the latter by sending an e-mail to the address with subject “Account Deletion”.
Should the User violate Conditions or applicable legislation, EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI reserves the right to suspend or close the User’s account at any time and without warning.

All Products offered through the Site are described in detail in the respective product pages (quality, features, availability, price, cost and time of delivery, additional costs, etc.).
If through mishaps the price indicated on the Site should result inferior to the actual Product sale price, the Customer/Buyer will be contacted by Customer Support to verify whether they wish to continue with the transaction at the correct price. If not, the order will not be accepted.
Should the correct price of a Product be inferior to the listed price on the Site, only the inferior, correct price will be charged and the Product will be delivered to the Customer/Buyer.
Some errors, imprecisions or small differences may occur between what is published on the Application and the real Product. To address this, the Company does not guarantee nor take responsibility in relation to the absolute precision of the representations of Products shown on the Site.
In addition to this, images of Products only have illustrative function and are not contractual elements.
Sales and/or supply requests of one or more Products made through E-Commerce are permitted to Consumer Users (both the natural individual defined as “Consumer” by the Consumer Code and anyone who wishes to pursue goals related to their entreprenurial, commercial, artisanal or professional activity).
Sales and/or supply requests are only permitted to natural individuals on the condition that they are of legal age.
The offer of Products on the Site is considered an invite to offer and the order placed by the User will be considered a contractual proposition to a sale and/or supply request, subject to confirmation and/or reception by EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI through the means described ahead. For this reason, EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI will, according to its own judgement, hold the right to accept or refuse the User’s order without the possibility for appeal.
The contract of sale or supply of Products is considered closed should EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI accept the User’s contractual proposition. EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI will accept the contractual proposition by sending an order confirmation to the e-mail address listed by the User or through a confirmation screen displaying the date of the order, the User’s data, the features and availability of the product, the price or price calculation, eventual additional costs and the delivery address.
The Product sale or supply contract is considered not effective should any part of the above stated be missing.
Should the Product not be available, EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI will notify the User about the new terms of delivery or supply, verifying whether they intend to confirm the order or not. It remains understood that the contract will be perfected relative to the Products accepted by EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI.
Should the abovementioned situation occur, the Customer/Buyer will be offered the choice between the cancellation of the single article or the entire order, or the modification of the latter. Consequently, the Customer/Buyer will be owed, respectively to the affected products , the refund of the price of the single article or the entire order.
Delivery costs will only be reimbursed in the event of the cancellation of the entire order.
The User is beheld to verify the correctness of data reported in the order confirmation and to communicate immediately (before the package is sent) to EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI any eventual errors. The User will also keep a copy of the order, the order confirmation and the Conditions.

All prices expressed on the Site are in Euro (€) and are intended excluding VAT. Contribution to order and delivery processing fees is explicitly indicated and excludes VAT. Said amount is displayed separately on the sale order, before it is sent, and in the sale order confirmation e-mail.
Should these expenses result not reasonably calculable ahead of time, there will be an indication as to which expenses will be actually billed to the User.
EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI guarantees that, when forwarding the sale order, the Registered User will expressly recognize that this means the obligation to pay . The forwarding of the sale order will imply clicking on the button displaying the payment procedures.
The Registered User will be charged the price of the Product indicated on the Site and any other fees the moment the sale order is forwarded.
EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI will verify the correctness of all information relative to the sale order (especially the shown price), to the payment and eventually ulterior necessary elements within 72 work hours of receiving the order. After the abovementioned verifications, and especially if EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI should verify the shown price was erroneous, the Registered User will be promptly warned, after which they must decide whether to cancel the sale order or confirm it according to the conditions expressed by EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI, which can never in any case be held responsible.
EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI reserves the right to modify at any time and without warning, according to their exclusive discretion, the price of Products shown on the Site, therefore without guaranteeing the sale price displayed will remain available on the Site or will remain unchanged for any period of time.
EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI will provide the Registered User with a confirmation of a closed contract on a lasting medium within a reasonable time after the closure of the contract, at the moment of goods delivery or before the rendering of the service at the latest.
Product remains the property of EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI until payment of the sale price, along with additional expenses, is received.
EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI will follow up on sale orders only after having received confirmation of complete payment relating to the total amount owed, consisting of the sale price, delivery fees and any additional fees as indicated in the sales order.
EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI reserves the right to not confirm any order from a User filing a complaint or reporting an issue.

Payment for Products bought on the site can be performed through:
– PAYPAL: Paypal permits payment through prepaid/credit card or through a Paypal account (rechargable through wire transfer or prepaid/credit card). Customers will not incur in additional fees through Paypal;
– SATISPAY: Satispay is the app that allows for payments without activation fees or commissions.
– APPLE PAY: Choose Apple Pay when you buy through your iPhone, iMac or iPad: you won’t have to fill out enormous modules and can pay with a tap or a glance.
– GOOGLE PAY: Google Pay is a quick and easy way to pay in millions of places. After adding a card, one can pay simply with a click.
–CREDIT CARD: The User must provide the requested information, which will be handled directly by Nexi. Information will be masked through cryptography systems aimed to impede use by third parties.
In case of payment with Google Pay and/or Paypal, the sale will only be concluded after the Customer/Buyer’s credit card information is verified by the selected payment method.
The Customer/Buyer authorizes EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI to use the selected payment methods to charge them for the total amount.
EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI will not charge the Registered User for using specific payment methods, including bills surpassing those sustained by EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI.
Should payment be missing, EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI will charge operating fees to the Registered User and will cancel the sale order, communicating this to the Registered User through e-mail.
Should third-party payment methods refuse authorization to perform said payment, EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI will not supply Products and cannot be held responsible.

The Registered User will be billed and must indicate at the time of purchase the information for invoicing. Regarding the invoice issuance, the information released by the User will be used, with the latter declaring and guaranteeing their exactness and granting EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI complete indemnity in this regard.

Products sold and services rendered on the Site may be discounted. The Product or service ordered may be unavailable following the sale order.
The Company will adopt every reasonable measure to make sure the Products displayed on the Site are available for purchase online by the Customer/Buyer.
However, some occasional issues may occur relative to the availability of certain Products. In these circumstances, the Customer/Buyer will be duly informed through e-mail or phone call in 30 days from the sale order confirmation and no further.
Should the above situation occur, the Customer/Buyer will be offered the choice between cancelling the order, be it by single article or in its entirety, or modifying it and consequently gaining the right to a refund to the price of, respectively, the single article or the entire order.
Delivery fees will only be reimbursed should the entire order be cancelled.
The refund amount will be communicated via e-mail and will be processed through the same payment method used for the purchase.
EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI declines any responsibility for eventual delays stemming from the banking institution or the credit card type used for the transaction.

Shipping is available all across the Italian territory.
Shipping of the purchased Product will occur through express courier, with shipping fees varying depending on product type, quantity, weight and volume.

EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI will deliver to the postal address indicated by the Registered User in the sale order.
All orders with available products closed within 9 AM of a workday will be sent within the day with delivery taking place within approximately 48-72 hours.
During Christmas holidays (from the 15th of December to the 8th of January) and in the central weeks of August order fulfillment may be subject to longer processing times.
The Company will labor to deliver the Products to the Customer/Buyer in the briefest time possible. Any date of delivery indicated on the Site or in any document or e-mail is approximate and does not constitute any guarantee of delivery at a specific date.
Delivery timings in the registered sale order and specified in the sale order confirmation are only trending approximations; in any case, delivery will occur without unjustified delays and within 30 days of contract closure at the latest.
After passing the Products to the carrier, EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI will confirm the delivery to the Registered User via confirmation e-mail. For further information on package tracking the Customer/Buyer may contact Customer Support at the e-mail address .

Should the delivery be delayed due to third party interference or outstanding circumstances, EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI will contact the Registered User via e-mail to inform them about the delay. EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI cannot be held responsible for eventual delays caused by said third party interference and/or outstanding circumstances.
Delivery will be concluded the moment the Product is available to the Registered User at the address specified in the sale order.
In any case, after thirty days from the date in which the returned product is received by EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI, the contract is considered legally terminated and EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI will refund the Registered User the paid sum, after related return and custody fees.
Contract termination and the refund amount will be communicated via e-mail to the Registered User by Customer Support. The refund amount will be deposited via the payment method used by the Registered User for the purchase.
While not discarding the right to withdrawal held by the Customer as described in the next paragraph of the present Terms and Conditions of Sale, it is up to the Customer/Buyer to verify the delivery at the time of arrival and carry out any reservations and disputes they consider necessary, along with refusing the package should it show signs of being opened or sustaining evident damage. These disputes must be indicated on the bill of delivery and communicated to EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI’s Customer Service via the e-mail address before 12 PM of the workday following the delivery.
Risk of loss or damages unattributable to EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI is transferred to the Registered User the moment they, or a designated third party distinct from the carrier, materially acquires the product; however, risk is transferred the moment the product is handed over to the courier, if the latter has been chosen by the Registered User and has not been proposed by EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI, subject rights of the Registered User towards the courier .

The Registered User that has purchased products on the Site has the right to withdraw from any contract concluded with EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI, without penalty and without stated reason, within 14 days of product reception if not otherwise indicated.
Right of withdrawal applies to the Product in its entirety; therefore, should the Product be composed of multiple parts or components, said right cannot be applied only on part of the purchased Product.
Withdrawal must be exercised through e-mail sent to EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI through the address or through certified letter with acknowledgement of receipt sent to EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI at the address: EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI S.P.A., Via Este, 40/2 – Udine – 33100.
The Registered User has a period of 14 days from the date of reception to signal their intent to return the product.
The Registered User will then send the purchased products to EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI within 14 days of the date of reception and with methods agreed upon with EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI.
The upfront cost of returning purchased products is charged to the Registered User.
Products must be returned perfectly intact and opportunely packaged, in their original packaging and alongside any eventual accessories. The Registered User is responsible for any value decrease of purchased products resulting from a manipulation aside from the one necessary to ascertain the nature, features and function. Upon receiving the product, EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI reserves the right to evaluate its conditions in their entirety. The Registered User must send a copy of the purchase order alongside the products.
Insurance is not required to exercise the right to withdrawal, but since the inherent risk of returning is borne by the buyer, EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI recommends for the Registered User who wishes to exercise said right to insure the delivery for the value indicated in the sale confirmation email at their own expense.
Delivery expenses and responsibility in case of loss or damages to the package during the return process are borne by the Registered User.

The right to withdrawal for natural individuals is ruled out in the cases explicitly considered by art. 59 of the Consumer Code.
Right to withdrawal is forfeit in the following cases:
– Delivery of goods made to order or clearly customized;
– Delivery of goods that risk rapid deterioration or expiration;
– Delivery of sealed goods that, for hygiene or health protection reasons, do not lend themselves to returning after being opened;
– Delivery of goods that, following delivery, result by their nature irreversably mixed with other goods;
Refunds shall be carried out with the same method of payment within 30 days of the returned goods being received.
Once the refund has been carried out, any crediting technical delays for credit cards, Paypal or Satispay accounts, Google Pay or Apple pay will depend on the user’s banking circuit.
The refund will consist of the entire billed amount, delivery fees incurred at the moment of ordering included.

The User may withdraw using the following form that will require filling in completely and e-mailing to before the expiry of the withdrawal period:
With the present form, I communicate withdrawal from the contract of sale or supply regarding the following product __________
Order number: __________ Ordered on: __________
Name and Surname: __________
Address: __________
E-mail associated to the account on which the order was placed: __________
Date: __________

Products sold on the Site are in accordance with national and EU legislation applicable in Italy.
Descriptions of products sold on the Site are those that the suppliers, with their own responsibility, have made available. Images and colours of products made public on the Site may differ from reality, possibly due to settings of the systems and/or tools used for their display. EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI is not responsible for incongruity between the ordered product and the product’s description on the Site, should the incongruity derive from errors in description attributable to the supplier and of which EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI was not and could not be aware of with the normal application of due diligence.
All products sold on the Site are covered by the Legal Warranty of Conformity required by the Consumer Code in favor of consumers.
The legal warranty of conformity is only applicable for Consumer Users.
The Seller has the obligation to deliver to the Consumer User Products in accordance with the sale contract. It is presumed that Products are in accordance with the contract if the following circumstances, where applicable, coexist:
1. They are fit for the use for which other goods of the same type are;
2. They are in accordance with the description made by EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI and possess the qualities of the item the seller has presented to the Consumer User as sample or template;
3. They present the qualities and performance usual of a good of the same type, that the Consumer User can reliably expect considering the nature of the Product, and eventually the public declarations about the specific features of said Products stated by EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI, the product’s producer, agent or representative, especially in advertising or labeling;
4. They are otherwise fit for the duty desired by the Consumer User, who has been informed about EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI at the time of contract closure andwhom EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI has effectively accepted.
Likewise, excluded from the application of the warranty of conformity are eventual damages or malfunctions resulting from accidental events or resulting from the actions of the Consumer User, such as Product use non-compliant with its intended use and/or attached technical documentation.
Any conformity defect manifesting within 24 months of Product delivery must be reported within 2 months following the date of discovery of the defect.
Unless proven otherwise, it is presumed that conformity defects manifesting within 6 months of Product delivery already existed prior to discovery, unless this case is incompatible with the nature of the Product or the defect. After 6 months, the Consumer User must prove the damages weren’t caused by an erroneous or improper use of the Product.
Following art. 130 of the Consumer Code, should the Product present conformity defects, the Consumer User has the right to have the Product restored to conformity with no expense. For this purpose, the User may choose between repair or replacement of the Product.
This right to choose may not be exercised should the requested option prove objectively impossible or excessively cumbersome. Additionally, the Consumer User has the right to a price reduction or contract termination, only if one of the following situations develop: i) repair and replacement prove impossible or excessively cumbersome; ii) EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI has not acted upon repairing or replacement within a reasonable timespan; iii) replacement or repairs have caused notable difficulties to the Consumer User.
Should the Registered User intend to enforce the warranty, they must contact EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI through e-mail at the address or through certified letter with notice of acknowledgement sent to EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI at the address: EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI S.P.A. Via Este, 40/2 – Udine – 33100.
In this case, and therefore in case of defectiveness of the product reported by the consumer, a distinction must be made in compliance with the provisions of art. 130 of the Consumer Code and comma 5 of said provision in particular, stating that the terms to carry out inspections and eventual replacements/repairs may vary from the minimum time of one month and a half to a maximum time of three months, depending on the type of product purchased and the nature of the reported issue. In addition to this, one must be made aware that the variation of the above terms is also strictly related to the location of suppliers and producers, as EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI operates not only on Italian territory, but abroad as well. It is implied that the abovementioned terms will be adhered to in compliance with holiday closings of suppliers and producers.
For non-consumer Registered Users, expressly mentioned and referenced Civil Code regulations apply.

EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI will strive to correct errors present on the Site in the least amount of time possible, as soon as they are reported. Said errors may be reported to the e-mail address
EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI is not responsible for damages of any nature deriving from improper and/or non-compliant to producer instruction use and/or installation, alongside damages deriving from third party activity and/or random accident and/or outstanding circumstances. EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI is particularly not responsible, by any means, for any activity, circumstance and event as a result of interaction between the Registered User and third parties, even if present on the Site, and expressly in the case of Registered Workshops, as that is an interaction in which EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI is and remains in any case foreign to.
EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI is not responsible for loss of revenue, profits, data or any other kind of indirect damages deriving or in any way connected to contracts and interactions subject to the Terms and Conditions.
EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI’s responsibilities, in any case, cannot exceed the total value of the purchase order.
In no case EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI can be held responsible for the failure to fulfill any obligations deriving from the present Terms and Conditions should the failure be caused by third party activity and/or random accident and/or outstanding circumstances, including for purely illustrative purposes, natural catastrophes, terrorist attacks, internet malfunctions and/or blackouts. EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI can not be held responsible for any damages suffered as a result of suspension of service.

EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI reserves the right to temporarily suspend, without warning, the rendering of services for the length of time strictly necessary for technical operations appropriate and/or required for the improvement of said services.
EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI can at any moment interrupt the rendering of services should there be recurring security reasons or violations of privacy, in which case the Registered User will be informed.
EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI can not be held responsible for any damages suffered as a result of suspension of service.

EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI can not be held responsible towards the Registered User, except in the case of malice or gross negligence, for disservices or malfunctions related to the use of the internet outside of its own domain or its own suppliers.
EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI will not be responsible for damages, losses and costs suffered by the User as a consequence of a contract unfulfilled for reasons not applicable to them, and the User will only have the right to the refunding of the corresponding price and eventual additional fees.
EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI can not be held responsible for the eventual fraudolent or illicit use by third parties of credit cards or other means of payment, as it does not come into contact with the payment information used (credit card number, card holder’s name, password, etc.)
EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI can not be held responsible for:
– Eventual losses of commercial opportunities and any other loss, including indirect, eventually suffered by the User that are not a direct consequence of a contract violation by EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI;
– Erroneous or unsuitable use of the E-Commerce by the Users or third parties;
– Emission of incorrect documents or fiscal information caused by an erroneous input of data by the User, as the latter is solely responsible for the correct inputting of information.
In no case EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI can be held responsible for a sum more than double the amount paid by the User.

EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI cannot be held responsible for failed or delayed fulfillment of its duties caused by circumstances beyond reasonable control due to outstanding circumstances, or simply unpredictable events outside of its control.
The rendering of services by EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI will be considered suspended for the time in which outstanding circumstances take place.
EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI will do its utmost to find solutions that allow the fulfillment of its duties even should outstanding circumstances persist.

All content on EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI’s Site, such as for example, works, images, sounds, videos, documents, designs, pictures, logos and any other material, in any format published on the Site, including menus, webpages, graphics, colours, schematics, tools, characters and web design, diagrams, layout, methods, processes, functions and software are all protected by copyright and any other intellectual property right belonging to EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI and other rightful owners. Reproduction, modification, duplication, copying, distribution, sale and overall exploitation of Site contents without written authorization by EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI are strictly forbidden. Use of Site contents for any commercial/advertising purposes without expressly written authorization from EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI is also strictly forbidden.
Any hallmarks that distinguish products sold on the Site are registered trademarks belonging to their rightful owners and are used by EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI for the sole reason of distinguishing, describing and publicizing the products on sale on the Site. EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI recognizes the ownership of any right belonging to the lawful owner and does not make any claim in that regard. Any lawful owner can at any time request EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI to take up the conduct ordained by law, the latter permitting. Any illegal or unauthorized use of the abovementioned hallmarks is strictly forbidden. Using any hallmark present on the Site to unduly draw benefit from its hallmark nature or its reputation, or to harm said hallmark and their rightful owners is strictly forbidden.
The Registered User can in no case alter, change, modify or adapt the Site or the material displayed by EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI.

The Site may contain links to third party sites/applications. EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI does not exercise any control over these sites/applications and is in no way responsible for their contents.
Some of these links may lead to sites/applications rendering services through E-commerce. In this case, partaking of the services and the services themselves will be subject to the terms and conditions laid out by the third party, towards which EMPORIO RICAMBI ROSSI does not claim any responsibility.

Safeguarding and treatment of personal information will be handled in accordance to the Privacy Policy, which can be read at

Terms and Conditions are subject to Italian legislation.
Any Consumer User-related controversy regarding the application, execution and interpretation of the present Terms and Conditions will be subject to the jurisdiction of the location in which the Consumer User resides in or has elected domicile if located within the territory of the Italian State, save the right of the Consumer User to adhere to a judge different from the one in “consumer’s jurisdiction” ex art. 66 bis of the Consumer Code, acting in the territory according to one of the criteria of articles 18, 19 e 20 of civil procedure code.
An exception is made to Consumer Users that do not habitually reside in Italy, to which eventually more favorable and in any case mandatory dispositions according to legislation of the country in which they habitually reside apply, especially regarding the right to withdrawal and Product returning, and should this right be exercised, modes and formalities regarding communication of said exercising and the legal warranty.
For non-consumer Users the Udine Court is the exclusive jurisdiction active.

The Consumer User residing in Europe should be aware of the online platform instituted by the European Commission to grant an alternative method of resolving issues. Said platform can be used by the Consumer User to settle in a non-judicial manner any issue relative and/or deriving from goods sales and supply contracts made online. Accordingly, the Consumer User can use the platform to resolve any emerging dispute regarding payment contracts made online.